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Jude 1:9 – Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

Revelation 12:7 – And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

Daniel 10:13 – But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

Daniel 12:1 – And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation [even] to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.


Pilgrimage of the ‘images of the beast’ 

In a twisted version of his Biblical namesake, Obama’s ‘chief prince’ Michael (the name Michael means ‘who is like God?’) was renamed Michelle, appropriated to him becoming a transgendered, suitable host in Baphomet’s image, and second in spiritual command. Despite Obama’s multifold Freudian slips pointing to Michael’s birth gender, many remain unaware of the couple’s grand spiritual and political deception as they attract an ever growing following worldwide. Even their heavily coded presidential portraits have just been announced to go ‘on tour’, affirming their idol status, a pilgrimage to reach the hearts and minds of those not able to go to Washington to worship their images there.


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In these notes you can read how Obama’s portrait can geographically be traced to Kirkland Washington and forms an artistic rendering of the Kirkland Goat overseeing his earthly flock from Goat Hill, waiting at the Juanita Bay exit location, where he as Judas goat or ‘first beast’ will lead his sheep-following towards the slaughter counterfeiting the one true Shepherd who, by his blood atonement, will enable his faithful and spiritually unaccountable sheep to return to their heavenly home, even to ‘escape all things’ (Luke 21:36).


Name and nature 

Obama means ‘He is with us’ in Farsi and in Arabic Barack Hussein Obama means ‘blessed, good, handsome and flash of lightning’, pointing to his future role as Satanic  first beast to be cast down, falling as lightning (Luke 10:18). His ‘rising sun’ logo above red and white stripes represents the conflict of Jacob and Laban separating their flocks, pointing to the time of Jacob’s trouble when Satan’s false light will rise after he’s cast down by the archangel Michael ‘as lightning’ to be temporarily  unrestrained, his proverbial ‘crown of thorns’ removed. A final separation process of the flocks of the Lord and the false light bearer is scheduled to transpire from this day forward.

The manner and timing of Obama’s revealing as the ‘first beast’ is foreshadowed by our spiritual adversary in the I Pet Goat II scene noted below (IPG II was released on June 24th, 2012, three days after the summer solstice, which just happens to be named the Feast of “John the Baptist”) and recently rehearsed live in Paris France.



Michelle Obama was positioned on a Seine riverboat as a transgendered messiah type and illuminati witness, enjoying a private cruise right across from New Bridge as arson fire erupted at the Notre Dame Cathedral which housed fake relics from the crucifixion such as a crown of thorns, crucifixion nails, a monstrance containing the blood of Jesus and pieces of the cross, conveniently salvaged from the fire just beforehand. The fate of the apostle and evangelist statues adorning ‘La Grande Dame’ was less favorable, although they were removed beforehand as well confirming the elite’s plotting and scheming.

Jeremy James on the ritual decapitation of the Notre Dame: “Notre Dame was counted as a ‘monument to Christian belief in Europe’. If we look at Notre Dame purely as an architectural achievement, it was a jewel in the crown of an idolatrous church. However, when viewed in broader terms, it was a startling monument to an age when most of Europe acknowledged the sovereignty of the God of Jacob and the redeeming work of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth. The huge cost of its construction was funded by millions of faithful followers over many generations, men and women who humbly contributed from their meagre means to build a structure which reflected, in their eyes, the beauty and grandeur of the unimaginable Being who made them. It was a visible statement of their faith, an enduring expression of their gratitude for the providence of Almighty God and ministrations of the Holy Trinity. This is why Satan hates it! And this is why his wicked servants schemed to destroy it by fire on April 15th.”

“The ritualistic nature of this infernal enterprise was made apparent by the removal of 16 large statues from the roof of the building a few days before the fire. In the iconography of Notre Dame, these represented the 12 Apostles and the 4 Evangelists. They were installed in 1860 and had been were ‘in situ’ ever since. And yet they were ALL removed just a few days before the raging fire would have destroyed them.”



“Was this a mark of piety among the Masons? Not at all! It was actually the opposite, a cynical ceremony to mock the apostles, the foundation of the church. Not only were they removed and placed in storage, but they were beheaded before being lowered to the ground.” A prophetic picture of what will befall those subject to the Revelation 20 beheadings as final ‘exit’ from eternal damnation for not accepting the mark of the beast as I described in this essay entitled Political Beheading.


Schermafbeelding 2020-01-27 om 20.34.09


The study by Jeremy James continues: “Decapitation is a potent symbolic act in the occult. The Freemasons attach great importance to June 24th, the Catholic feast day marking the birth of John the Baptist” (we know from Scripture he was actually born 6 months prior to Jesus, on Nissan 1 3BC). “Those in the lower degrees believe the prophet whom God had chosen as the herald of Christ is thereby accorded a special honor by the craft, but this is not so. His decapitation by Herod is seen instead by high level practitioners as the only fitting end for a Christian”…. “Thus the decapitation of the 16 statues was a Masonic or Cabalistic ritual that magically foreshadowed the work of the Antichrist during the tribulation.”

As mentioned, the inaccurate celebration of John the Baptist’s birthdate coincides with the publication date of the IPG II in 2012, an occult messenger and forerunner paving the way for the unholy trinity as dark mirror of the apostle John. The elite publicly feast on their predictively programmed and live re-enacted destruction, preparing the world stage as sacrificial altar, ritually binding the masses to their leadership. Pre-celebrating their time to be unrestrained, they publicly sympathize with people’s sense of loss, debasement and fear – as Michelle attempted to the day after the fire during her Paris ‘book tour’ – while fostering trauma bonds towards New World Order reconstruction ‘post induced chaos’ under their guidance. Readers familiar with narcissistic or ritual abuse are familiar with the mind splitting and trauma bonding construct.

But even in this scripted event, truth prevails, as the solemn witness of the wineglass reflections below hold more credibility than Michelle’s forked tongue and multimedia, witchcraft backing. Like the fire reflected in the false messiah’s awakening eyes after which his crown of thorns is removed, we see in Michelle’s wineglass how the reflection of the fire and smoke is apparent in her eyesight, prior to the staged phone alert formally notifying her of the Notre Dame fire after which the cruise was reportedly rerouted.





We’ve seen the same script play out when Bush was ‘notified’ in the classroom setting of 9/11 commencing while ‘reading’ the Pet Goat book upside down*. Since then, Michelle has upped her game towards becoming a ‘teacher’ of the craft to the masses worldwide, here pictured in a purple signal outfit upon receiving Grammy accolades for her audio book, depicted in the media yesterday.


Schermafbeelding 2020-01-28 om 08.43.14


Scripture reveals Michelle’s husband, the first mouthpiece of the proposed Satanic trinity, will not formally re-appear unto the national and world scene in his full demonic capacity until the restrainer is removed – symbolized in the IPG II by the crown of thorns disappearing – and he’s fully inhabited demonically and ‘awakened’. The crown of thorns in the IPG II could thus very well symbolize the gentile 144.000 end time harvesters who will be transformed and sent back as Lot-type rescuers, themselves forerunners like John was.

Notre Dame meanwhile, is still counting her losses; her Christmas Eve mass last year was cancelled for first time in 216 (6x6x6) years. Paris (Par=House + Isis) remains under a martial law type constraint after the ‘Paris attacks’ and ‘Dame’ Isis still longs for her Osiris, depicted in the Isis statue and Osiris phallus Eiffel tower below. The Par-isis altar of sacrifice for the coming ‘mass’ of Christ followers has been upscaled from Notre Dame confinement to the city at large and the Parisians have been mind controlled sufficiently to accept their leaders constraints, yellow vest wearing controlled opposition included.



While ‘chief prince’ Michael paved the way ritually in Paris last spring, we know Obama was associated with the annual solar eclipse the day after Notre Dame’s canceled Christmas, embodying the enemy’s expectancy of their soon to be cast down sun god, as the ‘Michael and I’ world tour followed the eclipse’s trajectory from its fully visible Corona in Kuala Lumpur eastward, just like the USS Abraham Lincoln (old lion king) did.

In the same vein the Dutch military frigate Michiel de Ruyter (Michael the Horse Rider) will be sent to the Gulf of Hormuz (Horus-Tammuz gateway) today as well, also distortedly reflecting ‘Michael standing up’ in defense of the people and counterfeiting Sagittarius the equestrian stationed at the celestial Golden Gate as the Lord Jesus coming to conquer.


When corona’s appear

During a total solar eclipse like on December 26th, the Sun’s corona appears or becomes visual when the Sun’s light is blocked. A corona (meaning ‘crown’ in Latin derived from Ancient Greek ‘κορώνη’ or korōnè, “garland, wreath”) is an aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and stars. Its etymology points to “a crown or garland bestowed for distinguished military service,” from suffixed form of PIE root *sker- “to turn, bend.” Note the spiritual application as we look at how our heavenly crowns will be laid at the Lord’s feet when he, the true Son/Sun appears to be crowned upon our arrival in heaven and how false light or a false sun on earth will not appear until after we, his brightest light source in the world, are removed. Scripture admonishes us not to forfeit or crowns or allow the enemy to take them away, as the enemy will strive to. In a way this fabricated Corona scare going viral may be designed to accomplish just that, keep people focussed on their natural and temporal lives, as opposed to their eternal life and positions and believers’ God given authority to overcome and heal others in Jesus name. 

The name ‘Coronavirus’ is based on this etymological stem as well. It refers to the characteristic appearance of ‘virions’ (the infective form of the virus) by electron microscopy, which have a fringe of large, bulbous surface projections creating an image reminiscent of a royal crown or of the solar corona. This morphology is created by the viral spike peplomers, which are proteins that populate the surface of the virus and determine host tropism. The Sun’s Corona and a Corona virus:



On 31 December 2019, a novel strain of coronavirus, officially designated as 2019-nCoV by the World Health Organization, was reported in Wuhan, China, as responsible for the 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. The virus was suspected to have originated in snakes, introducing a ‘snake in the garden meme’ to the event’s proposed ground zero, like Obama’s portrait. Snakes are the symbol of gnostic rebirth; the snake wraps the staff of Aesculapius, the ‘god of plague’ or pestilence. Many leading researchers since then disagree with this conclusion.


Snakes in the gates

Ratcliffe: “Vaccine man Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and WHO patented and simulated Coronavirus October 18, 2019 in ‘Event 201’ before initiating the pandemic psy-op in Wuhan December 31, 2019. In September 2019 Japan imported Crimean-Congo and South American hemorrhagic fever virus, Ebola, Marburg, and Lassa Fever in time for the 2020 Olympics. In October 2019 after a patent was received by Pilbright Corporation for Coronavirus; in December 2019 Coronavirus broke out near China’s only Level 4 Bio Lab in Wuhan “China’s Thoroughfare”.


Art of War

Ratcliffe continues: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” Sun Tzu China is the US largest creditor; the US is in unpayable debt. Getting the enemy to roll up their sleeves for a vaccine that will kill them before foreclosure; brilliant! And tested!! Coronavirus is claimed to have begun by snakes; Apollo “Destroyer” and Coronis “Crown/Crow” have a son Aesculapius the god of plagues worshipped by the Theraputae of Pergamon; the staff of Aesculapius is the snake; the subtil, crafty snake in the Garden of Eden. Returning to the Garden (Rabbis “Tikkun Olam”) requires killing everyone not in covenant with the snake. You are either in covenant with JESUS or the Snake!” No wonder the WHO and UN meditation room attribute allegiance to Aesculapius.




Wuhan meets Chicago

Wuhan (combined name of twin cities points to ‘gateway to heaven’ and ‘mouth of the river’) today is considered the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural and educational center of Central China. It is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city and connecting to other major cities. An interesting location to have a virus spread from nefarious intent. Because of its key role in domestic transportation, Wuhan is sometimes referred to as “the Chicago of China” by foreign sources according to Wiki. Let’s emphasize the Chicago-Wuhan birthing ground of the Obama Judas Goat and its central hub link, spreading its influence outward from seemingly small beginnings. It is ‘coincidently’ famous for its Lotus flowers too, just like for the Yellow Crane Tower, a gateway to heaven.



The Yellow Crane Tower was made famous by an 8th-century poem written by Cui Hao, titled “Yellow Crane Tower”. The original text of the poem is shown below (in Simplified Chinese):


A modern English translation is:

Long ago one’s gone riding the yellow crane, all that remained is the Yellow Crane Tower. Once the yellow crane left it will never return, for one thousand years the clouds wandered carelessly. The clear river reflects each Hanyang tree, fragrant grasses lushly grow on Parrot Island. At sunset, which direction leads to my hometown? One could not help feeling melancholy along the misty river.




Watchfulness and a loud cry

We shared before about storks who have just arrived in Israel signal watchfulness and embody our blessed hope for His soon coming to take us to our heavenly home. Cranes (Isaiah 38:14; Jeremiah 8:7), ‘agur’ in Hebrew, are not only well known in China, but in Israel too. It is migratory like the stork, but distinguished by its loud voice, its cry being hoarse and melancholy.

Fitting for what is transpiring in Wuhan, both crane types cry out to a lost and dying world, covered in spiritual slumber or even sound asleep, to wake up.





In between emerging Coronas

So, we journey onwards in between emerging Coronas going viral, watching and waiting for the Lord’s shining light to appear in the clouds as he continues to heal, deliver and mature us.

The next Solar Corona producing event for those still in spiritual slumber or asleep, directs our attention to another rising mouthpiece of the unholy trinity – the proposed Antichrist Prince William – and is placed on June 21st 2020, namely a vesica pisces’ solar eclipse‘ in the celestial Silver Gate. The elite’s rituals of death and resurrection imitate that of their god (Lucifer, dying on December 21st and being reborn on June 21st), of which, in case of Prince William who was born on this date in 1982, this birth type was literal. This coming summer eclipse event coincides with his 38th birthday; he was born during a solar eclipse as well, then Saros cycle 666.

At Stonehenge there is, on that morning, a reflection of specific geometry the elite call ‘sacred’, hidden within the relationship of the Sun to the galactic equator and axis of the Milky Way, according to Hancock. This can be appreciated by comparing the diagram below to the picture of Stonehenge on 21st June 2020 depicted underneath it.





Later during that morning at Giza, Hancock continues, looking across the city of Cairo, the same astronomical event will play out but this time relative to the Great Pyramid. Note that the sunlight has been hidden in these diagrams. Also note what Orion is pointing to with his club:




Hancock: “These relationships are what play out 6.41 UT as seen from space. With the Sun and Moon in their respective positions relative to Earth, which is sitting on the Galactic Axis and centred on the Galactic Equator, the Cosmological Circle is formed. This is a reflection of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid in space. This is the only time this alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun happens along the galactic equator in this way. Note the ecliptic is flipped over relative to the view at Stonehenge and also how the two circles of the Vesica Pisces intersect each other on the galactic axis.” “The Vesica Pisces is considered the womb from which all of the creation is born, from the realms of spirit into the realms of materiality.” According to a non-Biblical perspective, that is of course.




When the eclipsing Moon is directly above the apex of the Great Pyramid (see diagram below) and centred on the pyramid’s centre line, the Sun and Moon:

  • will be perfectly replicated to and aligned with the centres of the floors of the King (Sun) and Queen’s (Moon) chambers, as shown in the interior of the pyramid in the second diagram below
  • will replicate the exact ratio/position of the Sun and Moon
  • will form the Vesica Piscis along a common axis running from the centre line within the King’s  Chamber floor down to the centre line of the Queen’s Chamber (see the red line below). This line will be parallel with the Galactic Equator, as seen above the Great Pyramid at that exact moment in time.




Another long awaited time stamp in the enemy’s playbook.

After touching upon Obama and William’s proposed positioning in the unholy trinity as respectively Satan/first beast and the Antichrist and their construed astronomical alignments to elevate them beyond mere humanity, the third Satanic mouthpiece is proposed to be the Pope, the false prophet and vicar of chaos. Those who have discerned his true nature, history and agenda, understanding the greater context and plan for a New World Order and the papal emphasis towards unified religion away from the Word, understand the public persona of this man as benevolent and God fearing is complete nonsense, like that of his two Satanic counterparts, as described in the linked study. It is easily discerned how the Catholic laity and masses are being fed a simplistic and grossly misleading narrative about this wolf in sheep’s clothing. 


666666 tekst



Schermafbeelding 2020-01-10 om 22.31.04






  • *This video footage shows Bush knew beforehand of the first 9/11 ‘attack’ and was notified of the second ‘attack’ while in the classroom.
  • This article was reposted and updated Jan 28 after initial publication Jan 27.

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