Pearl Harbor’s pearls removed | Pig rule turns Judas trail

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Trump the Napoleon pig and Obama the Judas goat

To unmask Trump’s fully scripted role as fleshly and narcissistic ‘fall guy’ of the current US dominated world order and forerunner to Revelation’s first beast Obama and his ‘new world order’, let us look into the classic typology of Trump as ‘Napoleon the pig’ in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. To recognize how the one following in his footsteps will lead worldwide flocks towards the final slaughter, let us subsequently consider Obama being a Judas goat, Satan’s first leading ‘pet’.

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Herd management old and new style

Whereas Napoleonic pig types manifest like high functioning narcissists, skilled and groomed to divide and conquer the masses under false pretenses, wield power in an overtly dominant manner while binding and bullying their useful allies in a fleshly and prideful way, the Judas goat type is more equipped to covertly infiltrate a herd and bring them to a lethal finishing from within. Carefully trained in general animal herding Judas goats are skilled to associate with sheep or cattle in a benignly appearing way, as they are reared within the herd and rise to leadership from within the ranks with their shepherd’s approval, leading the well familiarized sheep to a designated destination, for better or for worse.

Obama’s cloaked ‘humble’ community organizing background coming to fruition towards his national presidency, a tactic currently upscaled from within his worldwide Obama Foundation towards a future worldwide role, ‘coaching community leaders’ worldwide, immediately comes to mind.



To the slaughter

In stockyards, Wiki shares, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and onto trucks. They have fallen out of use in recent times, but can still be found in various smaller slaughterhouses in some parts of the world, as well as conservation projects. Cattle herders may use a Judas steer to serve the same purpose as a Judas goat, this steer or bull typology also relates to Trump as we will see below. The technique, and the term, originated from cattle drives in the United States in the 1800s. The term is a reference to the Biblical Judas Iscariot, an apostle of Jesus Christ who betrayed him for personal gain, coming from within the ranks.


War tactics | Captains of slaughter 

The Judas goat phrase and tactic is also used in warfare, such as during World War II by the 8th Air Force, U.S. Army Air Forces B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator crew members. Each bomb group employed a nearly worn-out bomber known as a formation, lead, or assembly ship. These aircraft were brightly painted with group-specific high-contrast patterns in stripes, checkers, or polka dots, enabling easy recognition by their flock of bombers to form up from various airbases over England and fly strategic bombing missions over Europe. After guiding their own combat bombers into the appropriate formation groups the assembly ships would return home—thus their poor condition and lack of camouflage and weapons mattered little.

Sheep are not the only targets for destruction led by the Judas goat, as Satan deems most of his inner circle and loyalists equally dispensable after he’s solicited their worship and they have done their job, since he desires to be on God’s throne in people’s hearts first and foremost and then simply discards and destroys them. The phrase is also used to describe a goat that is used to find feral goats that are targeted for eradication. The Judas goat is usually sterilized, outfitted with a transmitter, painted in red and then released. The goat then finds the remaining herds of feral goats, allowing hunters to exterminate them. This technique is now used to target other invasive species, such as camels in Australia, pigs in America, rats in Mexico and raccoon dogs in Europe, Wiki shares further.

In like manner most of the world leaders are covertly sexually transgendered to pledge full allegiance to their bisexual, hybrid Baphomet type leader and be maximally filled by demonic forces to do Satan’s bidding. We’ve shared yesterday why Hawaii as expected new world order birthing location and its posing as Obama’s birthing grounds matter in this light.

Are we to still wonder where Captain Walter Max Slaughter will be called to steer his Lincoln Nation vessel towards, knowing the old Lin-coln, or lion king must die before the new one can rise according to the enemy’s playbook, seemingly re-enacting the Pearl Harbor 1941 attack script?


Anchoring in Hawaii

As the USS Abraham Lincoln is currently anchored in Hawaii, the global elite just anchored their repetitive memes of false flag attacks, scripted ‘trial and error’ and ’emergency drills going live’ to the location of Hawaii again, right in time for another New Year’s celebration.

Yesterday, a 9/11 and September 23 coded ’emergency alert’ was issued by the Canadian province of Ontario reporting an unspecified “incident” at a nuclear plant just east of Toronto on Sunday — only to later report the message was sent in error. The mistake brought to mind the false missile alert that sent Hawaii residents scrambling for cover in 2018 in a January 13th, with an 88 coded message signaling both the Julian New Year’s eve and coming false messiah, the global elite’s New Year’s Day or coming new world order pre-celebrated all over again. 

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Ontario reported yesterday: “The initial emergency message sent to cellphones of people in Canada throughout the province said the incident had occurred at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, though it added there had been no abnormal release of radioactivity from the station and said people didn’t need to take protective action.More than an hour later, Ontario Power Generation later sent a message saying the alert “was sent in error. There is no danger to the public or environment. No further action is required.” The notification message also was pushed onto to television screens.”

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan said he’s demanding a full investigation into the error.”Like many of you, I was very troubled to have received that emergency alert this morning. While I am relieved that there was no actual emergency, I am upset that an error such as this occurred. I have spoken to the Province, and am demanding that a full investigation take place,” Ryan said by Twitter.”

Where have we heard that script before? Must not let a (manipulated) crisis go to waste, right? A ‘full investigation’ by those in command, loud mouthed promises to ‘hold those responsible with spots and blemishes accountable’ and in case of rotten fruit ‘drain the swamp’ will settle the panic right back within boundaries, right?

The Ontario report continues: “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general recommended changes to emergency alert system in the United States after Hawaii officials in 2018 mistakenly warned the public about a nonexistent incoming ballistic missile. A Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee sent the missile alert to cellphones and broadcasters, triggering panic until the agency sent another message 38 minutes later notifying people it was a false alarm.”

Panic fatigue

The global elite are purposefully causing panic fatigue, exhausting people as they’re being pushed in and out of animalistic flight, fight, freeze mode submitting to being lorded over by those plotting and schemes their own demise, broadcasted on digital screens as well as acted out on the world’s stage. Like watching the Book of Revelation in a grand screenplay without consciously taking part and as such fulfilling the sleepers’ prophecies. In stead of waking up, rising up and drawing nigh to the Lord in fellowship, many dissociate and withdraw from his beckoning and are herded and paraded around within the constraints of these three primal reactions, without and within the church.

“It’s comforting to know that when the apocalypse does come, we’ll all still be snarking on Twitter,” Emmett Macfarlane, a University of Waterloo professor, tweeted” 

“Last night may have been the wrong night to start watching Chernobyl,” tweeted CBC journalist David Common.”

Not only adults are targeted. Note how in Greta’s recent children’s book, part of global mind control efforts to herd our youngest generation into the elite constructed ‘climate panic’ meme, generational division and revolutionary change, this imagery of phone distributed strike calls and panic alerts is used on purpose. 

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Just like her ‘fearless girl’ role play is written into the elite’s main visual script, the I Pet Goat II and cast into paint, stone and metal worldwide, affirming the meme.

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She’s pitted against ‘bad cop’ and ‘climate change denier’ Trump and his electorate

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And teamed up with ‘good cop’, climate change endorser and soon to return ‘king’ Obama


Howard Ratcliffe states in this article how Greta is enlisted to endorse earth worship, a religious cult of Gaia. Jesus refers to such initiates as “Earth Dwellers” (Revelation 13:8) who “die in youth…” (Job 36:14). Spiritual demise, as we’re watching an entire generation losing their way if the Lord does not intervene. He continues: “Climate Change alarmist Greta Thunberg (SV: herself transgendered) is essentially a cult or stage performer, financed by George Soros … , Bono and eugenicist Bill Gates’ “ONE Foundation” (The “ONE” in Deut 6:4). Nobel Prize Nominee Greta Thunberg (Greta=Margaret=Pearl + Fenced Yard; Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price!) is 16, the age of debutants and the number of olive oil cauldrons which lit the 2nd Temple at Hanukkah for Feast of Dedication. She/he is essentially a cult of Cybele/Attis a consecrated performer, “Galli”, “Berdache” or “Qadesha” a eunuch priest of Attis (conceived Mar 25 on “Hilaria” and born December 25) who comes from a long line of actors and singers putting on a staged show…”

In this image below we see the three main players of this article carefully positioned: Greta Thunberg folded introspectively (left image is taken from her book), behind her Trump with his diamond shaped handsign. Greta is flanked by the protruding eared Obama figure, soon to be marked (first beast’s head wound), with the shark fin before them in the waters of black and white duality connecting them. All according to script.

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So, as Obama’s alleged ‘birthing grounds’ are threatened with ‘fire from within’ with lava stirring within Kilauea and grounds continually tremoring, threats of fire targeting his ‘house’ from without abound as well, tensions being periodically raised by Rocket Man’s proposed expiration of nuclear deadlines on any given New Year’s Day, such as tomorrow on the Julian calendar or the coming Chinese New Year later this month. As Obama’s homestretch is surrounded by many natural and political ‘sharks in the water’, its altar has been ritually cleansed and prepared for the coming mass sacrifice by this Judas goat. ‘Lincoln Nation’, his former ‘presidential house’ is mostly depleted of spiritual light and awe struck in ‘panic’ of various kinds, internally divided, ready and ripe to be violently taken over and scorched in Godly judgment.

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Still, with the Lord’s discernment we see the Lord’s overarching control and his extended grace and mercy abounding as his restraining hand is but slowly lifted before judgment befalls. Watchmen and shepherds are given additional time, tools and ammunition to inform, warn and exercise their hearts, minds and souls in spiritual warfare. Even enemy activity can be seen in this light of his extended scepter. While grace is extended, the Lord’s own are sanctified and purified to bring forth mature spiritual fruit, enduring patiently and some even in long-suffering. Like the flock of storks arriving in Israel, as shared earlier this week, let us follow the Lord’s leading to arrive into his waiting arms humbly and whole.

Smell the brimstone?

The reasons why USA Babylon as a whole is ripe for judgment are manifold and widely covered. Though evangelically endorsed, the wild maned ‘old king’ is nowhere innocent or merely spiritually immature though the current impeachment showdown is carefully crafted theatrical display. How the ‘Napoleon pig’ and ‘raging bull’ typed president Trump could actually have been impeached 20 times over is shared here by Pastor Chuck Baldwin. The Lord raises his standard and exposes our leaders’ sins before national judgment, upholding their fruit against Scripture and the neglected ‘law of the land’, bringing their subjects into a valley of decision, calling them to look up towards him, their only savior and spiritual captain to realign their loyalty unto him.

The coming ‘fire and brimstone’ judgment upon the nation before the rest of the world will not be averted and sulfur and fiery smoke are rising in various locations. The nation once dedicated to God, richly blessed and strengthened by the Lord as no other nation in modern times, has for the most part lost its most treasured Godly Pearl and has fallen away deeply, cultivating reprobation and even marketing abortion, marital and sexual defiance abroad. Hawaii as its 50th state is very much on board regarding perversion of God’s ordinances, including those pertaining to sexuality and child sacrifice. It has a long history and spiritual tradition of LGBT-tolerance and transgenderism as well. Wikipedia: “Hawaii has had a long history of queer identities. Mahu people, who often traversed gender as defined by Western standards, were a respected group of pre-colonization people who were widely known in society as healers.” Another Hawaiian word, aikane, referred to same-sex relationships. According to journals written by Captain Cook’s crew, it is widely believed that many engaged in aikane relationships. Hawaiian scholar Lilikala Kame eleihiwa voiced this conduct among military men: “If you didn’t sleep with a man, how could you trust him when you went into battle? How would you know if he was going to be the warrior that would protect you at all costs, if he wasn’t your lover?”

A mere ‘ghost of sexual perversion’ amongst soldiers from the past?

Hardly, as a closer look into the initiate military control grid confirms, such as in the seemingly innocent ‘poem’ the USS Abraham Lincoln’s scribe recently broadcasted, the bold segments prompting further research:

“As another year comes to an end,
Sailors reflect on the past
And how it all began.

COMPTUEX was the first chapter
Of our long extended adventure.
Countless Surprise GQs and never-ending
EMCON conditions
Were the ship’s main ambition.

But together through it all
All the Sailors stood tall
With acceptance of the fate
The ship was soon going to face.

‘Twas the night before deployment,
And all through the base,
Every Lincoln Sailor packing
Their sea bags and suitcase.
Saying goodbye to families
Because it’s the last day.

6th Fleet was our first stop.
Palma De Mallorca, Spain,
Made our mouths drop.
Such a beautiful place to see—
We wondered what the next port would be.

Duqm 1, Duqm 2, Duqm 3,
Arabian Sea.
Swim call, swim call—
Happy birthday, USS Abraham Lincoln!
The water is welcome to all.

Six short blasts are sounded:
Man overboard man overboard!
The chem light bandit still isn’t found yet.
Extensions upon extensions—
The ship was very much needed.
Missing holidays with family
Everyone felt defeated.

Good morning, Lincoln Nation!
We finally got some information.
We are headed to 7th Fleet,
But first we to clean
Your filthy pollywog feet.

We crossed the equator
And to become a shellback was in favor.
Covered in green slime
And drenched in saltwater of course,
We were accepted into King Neptune’s Court.

As we start off a new year,
Lincoln Sailors are in joy and glee
To what we leave behind in 2019.
Lots of memories and lots of fun,
But what comes next in 2020 has begun”

Beneath surface layers one discerns quickly through searching Wikipedia and navy related sources how the ‘pollywog cleansing its feet and turning into a shellback’ points to a naval line crossing ritual, which – while seemingly playful and relatively innocent on the surface – actually involves men in drag being initiated ritually  towards a sea demon. On a deeper level of research this practice even reveals explicit satanic worship and commanded sexually perverted acts.

Severe abuse of power, ritual initiation and sexual perversion are still very much in play among (military) initiates worldwide, something the global elite incrowd knows and desires to display with lessening constraint, even infiltrating their ‘curriculum’ into formal military training and education and published to the masses, albeit as of yet cloaked.

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What a wide contrast there is between LGBT ‘love’ according to the fallen world’s definition and the New Covenant command the Lord has given us to love him first and foremost in response to his loving sacrifice and the agape love he bestows upon us and the brotherly and spousal love he has gifted us with to share. 


Hawaii | Smelling the brimstone

Hawaii’s ‘fire and brimstone’ of past eruptions, the recent sequence of raging prophetic storms and the potential, even likelihood of an induced hydrovolcanic explosion availed by lengthy geological manipulation at the fissures, forebode what is imminently coming upon the whole world, like the judgments that came over Sodom and Gomorrah (2 Peter 2:6 and Revelation 3:14-16). Kilauea means ‘spewing’ or ‘much spreading’, reflecting prophecies of fiery judgment extending far outwards. Mauna Kea, the primary location and backdrop of the faked moon landings, forms a pivotal part in the NASA endorsed heliocentric paradigm, which is in turn part of the coming ‘great deception’ and demonic manifestation after the rapture cloaked as ‘space alien’ visitation.

Many are aware that Hawaii is geologically shaped as a goat or lamb with the Hilina Slump as the cut-throat section prophesied to be the location of its sacrifice, much like a lamb or goat receives the lethal incision there. Based on the insight the Lord has provided regarding the Biblical meaning of celestial signs, we discern the island is shaped as a Biblical altar as well, reflecting the celestial sign of Libra, the altar of redemption; thus the theme of sacrificial atonement and Hawaii are more easily understood.

altarCourtesy Whitecloudfarm



Hawaii is situated in the centre of the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, a location fitting for a sacrificial birth or fiery ‘stirring and rising from below’ as well as a geological manifestation of the Lord soon to spew out Laodiceans and their ungodly doctrines, to baptize them in rushing waters and fiery trials as the prophetic chapter of tribulation will shortly begin.

Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: 29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. 30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. 31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. 32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.


nnnCourtesy Whitecloudfarm

These notes and sources provide further details to glean from, showing the Hawaiian island resembles a Biblical altar with four horns with a crackling fire “under” it, correlating with the days of Elijah. We know the altar of the sixth trumpet of the Book of Revelation is the “golden altar” of incense, which is in the most holy place in heaven “before God,” not on the earth. The source article hypothesizes that there must be an earthly conduit that connects the altar of incense in heaven with the earth as the heavenly sign for the sixth trumpet clearly illustrates the casting down of the censer from heaven to earth:

And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth:and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake. (Revelation 8:5)

Hawaii is proposed to be that altar of sacrifice in the courtyard, the earth, and thus the location where the “earthly voice” from the golden altar is heard, reflecting the heavenly pattern. A location that will be bring forth the first beast, Obama.

Remember that Scripturally the high priest Aaron had to slay a bull as atonement for himself (Leviticus 16:6) in addition to additional sin offerings for the people including the scapegoat being ‘sent away’. Is it a coincidence Trump is scripted both as a ‘raging bull’ to be slaughtered and as a ‘fall guy’ or scapegoat expected to be pushed off the world stage shortly before Obama returns?

How soon? I do not know … we know sulfur and smoke are rising and many sharks are lurking in the waters in Hawaii’s nearby its shark birthing grounds, while the prophetically marked ritual sacrifice USS Abraham Lincoln still lies anchored in a spiritual hotspot, believed by the locals to be guarded by their shark goddess.

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Departure of the shark goddess | Pearls removed

Kaʻahupahau is the chiefess of the shark gods of Pearl Harbor (Puʻuloa) in the locals’ pantheon. She protects humans in Pearl Harbor from shark attacks. Kūhaimoana is a shark god (Smiting Tail), brother of Pele (fire goddess of Kilauea) and husband of Kaʻahupāhau, said to be 30 fathoms long. The famous spiritual couple is said to have once lived in a cave at the entrance to Pearl Harbor and guarded Oahu waters against man-eating sharks, reputed to have been born of human parentage and to have changed into sharks. They were friendly to man and were fed as pets by the Ewa people whose district they guarded, and their backs scraped clean of barnacles by their keepers. Some stories relay that when she saw Wai Momi being damaged by humans in the 19th century, she left the area, taking with her the abundance of oysters that had given the harbor its name. Ancient stories in the Hawaiian legends also tell of how Pearl Harbor was formed by Chief Keaunui of Ewa. He opened the area by making it both wider and deeper, thus creating the lagoon.

This writer details how Hawaiians ate oysters either cooked or raw and used the mother-of-pearl shells for fishhooks, believing the sheen attracted fish. They also used the shells to decorate bowls, as eyes for their sculpted gods and as scrapers to make rope and cloth. No one knows if these ancient people valued the pearls, called ‘momi’, that sometimes grew inside these oysters. No Pearl Harbor pearls have been found in archeological digs, nor do ancient chants mention pearls. 

There is no question, however, that early European settlers shed new light on pearls for the Hawaiians, the article continues. When King Kamehameha I learned of the value the newcomers placed on pearls, his oyster divers’ mission changed dramatically, shifting from food and shell gathering to pearl hunting. The king’s punishment for unauthorized oyster fishing in Pearl Harbor was death. Thus, by 1812, the Pearl Harbor pearl trade was a valuable monopoly for Kamehameha. But not for long. By the 1840s, deforestation and overgrazing of livestock around Pearl Harbor caused tremendous damage to the surrounding land. Rain washed tons of silt and debris into the streams that fed the harbor, and soon the harbor itself was choked with dirt. Of course, the oysters didn’t survive. 

By 1901, Pearl Harbor pearl oysters were almost entirely gone, smothered by mud. Since Hawaii’s oysters didn’t grow in abundance in any other part of the main islands, the pearl fishery seemed finished. But early in this century, Captain James Anderson discovered large oyster beds at Pearl and Hermes Reef, 1,100 miles northwest of Oahu only for this second, and last, natural oyster population of Hawaii to be decimated by money hungry pearl hunters. No one, however, made their fortunes from it. Between 1927 and 1930, people collected and removed 100 tons of oysters from the atoll’s lagoon. From all those oysters, only about a quart of pearls was obtained. Of those, only a small number were good (meaning valuable) pearls, the article concludes. 

Today, the waters of Pearl Harbor have been highly contaminated by nuclear defueling and other toxic influences, and have thereby been designated as a Superfund site. The once abundance of pearls removed from Pearl Harbor’s paradise-like waters and no longer growing there, may hold prophetic meaning as to the degeneration, contamination and spiritual apostasy that has taken place and nature suffering as a consequence, quenching its creative and prophetic voice. First, the ‘Pearl of great price’ was attacked and removed from the hearts and homes of many, manifested outwardly in the 1941 Pearl Harbor attacks after which wild variants became near obsolete and ‘the water of the wild pearls’ even less conducive for growth. While ‘goodly wild pearls’ may have become rare, the Lord always preserves a remnant, such as this amazing congregation led by Pastor J.D. Faraq, blessing many worldwide.

Praise God, the Lord’s ‘goodly pearls’ will soon be removed and he will both organize a ‘days of Lot’ type escape for ‘pearls gone adrift’ and draw nigh to those finding themselves left behind, violently awakened, yet swiftly responding to his repeated call, seeking salvation and his close fellowship. Scripture comforts us concerning our currently wayward loved ones the Lord’s grace will still be extended after our departure, pearls of the Lord’s testimony forming in people will be found abundantly and all tears due to pearls, spiritual treasures and opportunities lost will be saved and dried in heaven.

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Sue Bradley cross| The Pearl of Great Price

The Kingdom of Heaven is the mystery hidden in the Old Testament, but revealed in the New: the Church, the called out, the Ekklesia, formed of the land and the sea, the Jew and Gentile.

Forbidden for consumption by law but permitted for commerce, the oyster in the parable of the pearl must have confused the Jewish followers of Jesus as it does many today. Consider this mollusk, this oyster. On the fifth day, before Adam, were the creatures of land and sea created, and the oyster would dwell in the depths, the lowest place on the surface of the Earth, the floor of the seas, far beneath turbulent waters with no comeliness that man should desire.

Of all jewels, the pearl is the only gem formed by a living organism, and while all other life responds to irritation by mounting defensive protection, the lowly oyster not only responds to insult, but embraces it, and covers whosoever will with exquisite iridescent nacre, subsequently growing as the covering is repeated.

As Eve was taken from the side of the sleeping Adam, the iridescent pearl is removed from the pierced side of the sacrificed oyster, and worn as reflective adornment, most frequently, by brides.

A gemstone is graded in value by weight, flawlessness and receives a substantial portion of its worth from its cut – the work of man’s hand. God does not live in temples made by human hands; the altars were to be made of whole stone, uncut.

The radiant pearl is the only gemstone that has more worth when it is untouched. This Church continues to grow, a collective body of once condemned irritants, listening for the voice of the archangel to announce the coming of Bridegroom, and then, ‘ they shall be mine,’ saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.

The God of Glory, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, left the splendor of eternity to claim this pearl, a pearl purchased by the very blood of its Creator: at a price no other human could ever pay – or dare to try. Such is this Pearl of Great Price, covered, protected, growing and removed: prepared as a bride for her husband, without spot or wrinkle, clothed in the immaculate righteousness provided by this glorious Bridegroom.”








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