Our redemption draws nigh | Update 6/6: Rebekah’s glorious covering in the twinkling of an eye and Enoch’s full circle

First video series about this article Article updates are marked with this asterism The heavens declare a symphony, of not only God's glorious timekeeping and his majestic gospel account, but also of our own tapestry of redemption during our pilgrimage and even of the nature and timing of our Lord's soon coming to both rescue... Continue Reading →

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Judgment foretold in Amos’ full basket of summer fruit and the coming penumbral lunar eclipse

https://youtu.be/YXngzsFDgB8 Videoseries accompanying this article | Part 1 of 3 In this article we will look at the prophetic markers in Amos 8, Matthew 24, this week's Torah readings and the celestial signs, speaking of the coming 'greater birth pains' and the proposed judgment of both USA Babylon and (spiritual) Israel commencing. We know the... Continue Reading →

Yielding like Mary and walking like Enoch | The bridal olive oil offering

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuLYTb8osA8 Video series accompanying this article | Part 1 of 3 In this article Enoch, the male type of the end times bride of Christ is further analyzed after we've shared about the female type, Mary Magdalene, prior. We're currently in Kislev, the mirror month of Enoch's rapture and dedication in Sivan, readying ourselves for... Continue Reading →

Caught in the act or a Pharisaic set-up | His graceful hand extended still

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7XC7US0osA Videos accompanying this article | Part 1 of 4 Opposing pilgrimages The prophetically rich feast of Tabernacles is now behind us and as we dismantle our temporary dwellings, let us meditate on the Lord's teachings freshly planted in our hearts and minds. We may discern that the aftermath of Tabernacles in the Lord's days is... Continue Reading →

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